Tiberius Caesar Augustus

42BC ~ AD37

The step son of Augustus, Tiberius would marry the only natural child of Augustus, Julia. Augustus would later on adopt Tiberius as his own son and though born a “Claudian” (one of the oldest families in Rome) this act of adoption would make Tiberius a “Julian”. Emperors after Tiberius would continue the inter-marrying between these two families and historians refer to this period of time as the Julio-Claudian dynasty.


Once Augustus died, Tiberius took over power in 14 AD and is recognised as one of Rome’s greatest generals after laying foundations for the northern frontier after campaigning in Pannonia, Illyricum, Rhaetia and Germania.

He is remembered by one account as “the gloomiest of men” who never wanted the power of an Emperor. From 23 when his son passed away, his leadership skills slowly became dormant and he exiled himself from Rome in 26.

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