Procopius Anthemius was born in 420 and was the first Emperor of the West to be acknowledged by Leo I the Emperor of the East.


He also had several men of notable power pledge their allegiance including Ricimer, a powerful military figure who eventually married the daughter of Anthemius. Marcellinus was a general who had proved troublesome for some emperors in the past supported Anthemius as did Riothamus who joined his Romano-British army with that of the Roman Empires’. They marched on to battle Euric but were quickly defeated as were the fleet of Roman ships destroyed by the incompetence of the navy leader Basiliscus. Anthemius also lost the skill and power held by Marcellinus when the man was murdered.


In 470 Anthemius became dangerously sick and believing it to be the handy work of sorcery and became vengeful towards many prominent political figures who Anthemius believed to hold a grudge against him. Ricimer quickly tired of his antics and after banding together 6000 of his own soldiers he waged war on Anthemius and eventually would capture and execute the emperor.

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