Lucius Domitius Aurelianus

AD270 ~ AD275

Lucius Domitius Aurelianus was born in 214 to a family of average wealth.


His military career took him to the rank of general, which he held through several wars and his successes made him noticeable and he soon became a cavalry commander of the army of emperor Gallienus.  In 270, when Quintillus seized power after the death of Claudius, the troops were unhappy with the choice of ruler and nominated Aurelian as emperor. After the death of Quintillus, the senate officially recognised Aurelian as emperor.

During his reign, Aurelian was able to reunite all parts of the empire than had split from Rome during the reign of previous rulers. This actually amounted to regaining two thirds of what the empire was in its entirety 15 years ago.

He was threatened many times with those who wanted the power of emperor but was heavily supported by his legions.

In 275 Aurelian’s secretary (who was concerned about what his punishment might be for having told a lie recently) created a false document stating names of high officials that would soon be executed and passed it around. Fearing punishment for being in possession of these documents, several high ranking officers murdered Aurelian. While a new emperor was chosen, Aurelian’s wife held power for a brief period.

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