Lucius Septimius Bassianus

AD186 ~ AD217

Caracalla was born in 186 and ruled from 211 to 217.


The son of Severus, he was known by his nickname Caracalla which refers to the hooded tunic he regularly wore and made a trend out of. When his father died and left him the throne in 211, he was actually proclaimed co-ruler with his brother Publius Septimius Antoninius Geta but he wasn’t happy with this decision and had his own brother killed. This however was not surprising as he came to be known as one of the most brutal rulers Rome had seen.

Growing up his father had always instructed him to look after his soldiers financially as they would remain loyal if it was paid for. He raised their pay and gave them many other benefits ignoring what his critics would say.

During his reign he would grant citizenship to freemen throughout Rome to increase the taxable population, reduced the value of coinage to make it possible to pay the legions their bounties and constructed what is now known as the Baths of Caracalla.

In 217 on his way to war with Parthia he was murdered on the roadside by an officer in the imperial bodyguard. Historians speculate that the reason was either that the murderers’ brother had been assassinated unjustly in the days before or that he was enraged at not being promoted.

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