Flavius Honorius was born in 384 to Theodosius I and was the younger brother of Arcadius.


He was declared Augustus by his father in 393 and when Theodosius died two years later, the empire was split between both brothers leaving Honorius in control of the western roman empire at age 10.

Because of his youth, he was initially forced to rely on the leadership and advice of general Stilicho and in order to remain close to the young emperor, Stilicho insisted that his daughter Maria marry Honorius.

In 405 Stilicho was able to subdue a complete invasion by barbarians into Italy but by the time that was done much of Italy was devastated. In 408 following several more threats Honorius had Stilicho arrested and executed for reasons of plotting against Honorius.

In 421, Constantius III who at the time was a general, was elected by Honorius as co-emperor but he died in 422 leaving Honorius as sole emperor once again.

Honorius died in 423 leaving no heir.

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