Marcus Aurelius Probus

AD276 ~ AD282

Marcus Aurelius Probus was born in 232 and entered the army at an early age. He was soon appointed governor of the east under the rule of Tacitus. Tacitus was then succeeded by his half brother Florianus who was killed by his own soldiers once they were to realise that Probus was a far more superior general.

Probus was elected emperor by the troops at that point and moved to the west to defeat the Goths who were wreaking havoc, it was after this victory that the senate ratified him.

During his reign he re-established security on all the regions under Rome’s rule and this included ridding Gaul of its German invaders. During times of peace, he would put his soldiers to work re-planting crops and repairing structures in areas that had been ravaged by war in order to keep the economy flowing.

After his victories in the West, he was keen to start his campaign in the east and upon leaving Rome in 282 he received news that the commander of the Praetorian Guard, Marcus Aurelius Carus, had been proclaimed emperor by his troops Probus was killed by his own soldiers.

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