Titus Flavius Domitianus

AD51 ~ AD96

Titus Flavius Domitianus born 51 ruled from 81 to 96.

He received the best education and studied rhetoric, literature, law and administration. During his adolescent years he did not follow his fathers and brothers footsteps to fight in the African provinces but once his father was proclaimed emperor he moved immediately to the imperial palace.

He would later force the divorce of Domitia Longina (the youngest daughter of general Corbulo) and her existing husband to take her as his own wife which ultimately would form a very prestigious allegiance for both sides. Upon the death of his older brother Titus, Domitian ascended to emperor which created havoc. The economy went into recession which forced him to reduce the value of their silver currency. Taxes were then raised which understandably created problems with the Roman people. To restore his image he invested much money in renovating the cities appearance as it was still suffering after the great fire of Rome and civil war. Around 50 new buildings were erected and restored to provide a more aesthetically pleasing city.

His marriage ended in 83 after his wife was caught having an affair with the actor Paris who was then executed, and his wife exiled.

The following year he developed affection for his niece Julia who he married but then later died during an abortion. Following this Domitia was recalled to the palace as empress.

Being more of an educated man, spending most of his youth studying, he wasn’t much of a military leader and as a result he limited military enterprises. During the end of his reign he removed from the senate all their decision making powers and as a response, his enemies in the senate and his ex wife came together to arrange his assassination and he was killed in 96.

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